Tuesday, October 15, 2013

Project-Based Learning

Response: The Best Advice On Doing Project-Based Learning

By Larry Ferlazzo on October 14, 2013 11:53 PM

Last week's question was:

What's your best advice on doing project-based learning?

This post is a Part Two to last year's popular one by Suzie Boss (and readers!) on Do's and Don'ts for Better Project-Based Learning. Suzie agreed to share additional ideas this year, as did many readers. 

You might also be interested in resources I've collected at The Best Sites For Cooperative Learning Ideas.

Response From Suzie Boss
Suzie Boss is an education writer and consultant who focuses on project-based learning (PBL) and social change. She is the author of four books about PBL and innovative learning strategies, including Bringing Innovation to School: Empowering Students to Thrive in a Changing World and Thinking Through Project-Based Learning: Guiding Deeper Inquiry, co-authored by Jane Krauss. She is a regular contributor to Edutopia and the Stanford Social Innovation Review, and is on the national faculty of the Buck Institute for Education:

(More) Do's and Don'ts for Better Project-Based Learning
The start of the new school year offers an opportunity to get off to a strong start with project-based learning. As we discussed in an earlier post, many schools are adopting PBL as a strategy to help students meet the higher expectations of the Common Core State Standards. Others are shifting to the project approach to get students more engaged. By connecting classroom activities with real-world problem solving, you bring relevance to the learning experience. Students will be less inclined to ask, "When will we need to know this?", and more apt to dig in to an inquiry experience that matters to them.

Here are six do's and don'ts to help you build a strong foundation for PBL in the coming academic year.

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