Wednesday, January 29, 2014

Tech Standards for Students

On slides 17 through 23 you will find the ISTE NETS Standards for Students. I think those are excellent and go deeper into 21st Century Learning than the EALRS. 

What do you think?


  1. Here's a great article on how tech can and will be a bumpy ride, but well worth the ride (especially good for those who are not so comfortable incorporating tech into their classrooms):

    Here's a cool snippet from the article:
    "The first bump in the technology road involves a new way of thinking. Don’t view technology as just one more thing to add to your day. And if “integrate” means (as it often does) adding one more thing to your already heavy load, then we probably need a better word. Technology should help us to teach better and in more meaningful ways. It should be used to connect us. It should give us choice and allow us to share. It should not be something that you do in addition to everything else you already do in your classroom. If technology is something that you try to add after you have planned your reading, writing and math, you are destined to fail at “integrating” technology."

  2. Al, I like the NETS standards, but what I like about the EALRS is the specificity under the Examples section in both the Basic Level and in the 21st Century Environment. For example in EALR 1 – Integration the GLE is for students to locate & organize information from a variety of sources and media. Under the basic example for 8th graders students are to use digital note cards, bookmarking or online storage resources when conducting research. In the 21st Century Learning Environment the student is suppose to use classroom wikis, blogs, or websites to collect and share online resources with other classes.

    As I read this goals I realize that many of our teachers do not use these tools, which means they may find it difficult to teach or have the expectation of their students. There are two things that the Chimacum Schools need to do; 1) provide teacher training and support and 2) provide more computer access for students.