Sunday, September 15, 2013

1 to 1 Success

 5 Ideas Essential to #1to1Tech Learning Success

This article originally appeared at Partners in Learning - 1:1 Hot Topics. LIsa Nielsen
It’s no secret that successful 1:1 learning goes beyond simply getting devices into the hands of students  and teachers. Many schools have had 1:1 programs long enough that challenges have been identified. However, valuable solutions exist that can be put into place to help ensure such challenges don't get in the way of a successful 1:1 learning implementation. Here are five ideas essential to 1:1 learning success

1) Student, not device, driven

  • Start with students and learning, Put them front and center. Then determine what devices and resources will best meet the need. By doing this we alleviate challenges that teachers may encounter later on around not having the proper tools for learning goals. For example, a math teacher may find&nbsp it important to have a tablet and Geometer's Sketchpad for her class, while an English teacher who supports students in creating videos and PSAs might want a device and software that have heavy movie-making functionality.

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