Thursday, April 26, 2012


Development of the technology plan and implementation of the plan should enable parents, educators, students and community members to benefit from the investment in technology and our goal is to have all represented on the committee.

Long-term role of the Committee:
The District Technology Professional Learning Community is a long standing PLC, which is constantly evolving. Representation for this Professional Learning Community is ideally made up of a student, building representatives, technology department personnel, an administrator and a parent. Committee membership is a year long commitment, renewable each school year. To serve on the committee, all that is needed is a letter (or email) of interest sent to the District Technology Supervisor. As a committee member, you will be the liaison between the district and your building. In this role, you will be asked to update the district committee on the implementation of your building technology plan, as well as communicate district level committee decisions to your building technology committee and staff. District level technology committee meetings are held at least once a month throughout the school year.

Vision Statement

The Chimacum School District is committed to an active student centered learning environment. Technology, through skilled and developed use, empowers students, staff, and community to access, utilize, and communicate information globally. The effective use of technology will assist students in becoming perceptive and discerning individuals, critical problem-solvers, contributing members of society, and lifelong learners.

“Specifically, we envision that technology is available and effectively supported for all students and staff:

  • To provide global access to information
  • To meet the curricular  needs of all learners
  • To provide access to the general curriculum
  • To refine critical thinking skills and foster creativity
  • To provide a medium for expression and communication
  • To collect, assess, and share performance information
  • To improve the effectiveness of administrative tasks
  • To provide skills and proficiencies necessary for the workforce

When integrated into instruction, technology will support new strategies for teaching and learning by:

  • addressing diverse learning styles,
  • accommodating individual learning rates,
  • encouraging cooperative learning,
  • helping students accept responsibility for their learning,
  • providing the means to communicate globally, and
  • improving academic achievement in all areas.”

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