Thursday, April 26, 2012

Has Teaching Changed?

There's all this talk about the 21st century and how teaching needs to change to accommodate the new world we're living in. Has education changed enough for the 21st century? Does our teaching need to change? How? Are there any parts of traditional teaching that we should keep?

The 21st Century Teaching Google Doc (click here for Google Doc link) has some great resources. Please feel free to read through and add your ideas.

Also see Beyond the Textbook for great discussions about the next steps for textbooks.

Here's an embedded copy of the document:

Feel free to add to this document.

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  1. This article I just came across fits this topic quite well:
    Preparing for a Different Kind of Middle Grades Classroom

    So are the common core standards moving us away from "traditional" education and towards this 21st Century ideal?