Saturday, March 15, 2014

Digital Learning Goals

I asked to borrow this image to give us ideas about a simple digital learning goals from a small, rural district in CO for our District Tech Plan.

Here is another one from a small, rural district in WI:

Most Important Goals:
  • Ensure that we are utilizing existing technologies to their fullest potential.
  • Integrating technology effectively into teaching and learning.
  • Creating students who are 21st Century ready.
  • Maintaining and expanding the district's infrastructure.
  • Tight budgets/having to share equipment throughout schools/district
  • Adequate professional development, in-service and training for educators.
  • Finding time in busy schedules and curriculum to fully integrating technology into all content areas
  • Complete support and "buy-in" among all administrators and staff members.

Here's another one from another small, rural school in CO:

What are the most important goals for updating teaching and learning in your classroom, school, district or organization?
  1. Integration of technology into curriculum with a meaningful purpose
  2. Internet safety and appropriate use education in curriculum
  3. Elementary access to electronic devices

What are the biggest challenges you and your colleagues must address to achieve these goals?
  1. Bandwidth - this is our largest factor.  We currently very limited by the amount of bandwidth (6 MB ) we have available.  We also pay an exorbitant price of $200/MB.  We cannot add any more devices or curriculum until we have the bandwidth too support it. 
  2. Staffing - We have a 5/7 time technology coordinator.  We continue to add devices and technology needs but we do not increase the time for our technology staff.
  3. Infrastructure - We made a great deal of progress this past summer with the additional of wifi access throughout the entire school.  As we continue to see more devices including byod, we will need to build upon our infrastructure.
  4. Professional Development - With limited staff, time and money, we need to provide more professional development to our staff to help them integrate technology into their curriculum.

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  1. I would like to begin with infrastructure and equipment. See where we are this year and what we can do next year. Integration and PD will flow from that. (It would be pointless to plan for things we aren't able to do). I note that tech staffing is listed as a challenge above, and I would think that needs to be part of the equation.

    I was impressed by Jeff Utecht's claim at NCCCE2014 that the half-life of information is now 18 months. How can we build that thought into our technology plan?!?