Friday, February 22, 2013

Middle School That went 1:1 with iPads

Central Valley moves towad iPad-enhanced education

MONACA — Instinctively, as he responded to a challenge posed by his life sciences teacher, Central Valley seventh-grader Matt Lovy clutched a pencil and began to scribble his thoughts across a page in his notebook. After several words, he stopped and dropped the pencil.

“I’m just going to type this; it’s faster,” he said as he turned to his school-issued Apple iPad.

Taylor Goodlin, Lovy’s project partner, who had already punched a response into his iPad, laughed.
“(The iPad) fits our lifestyle, if you know what I mean,” Goodlin said.

Observing from the back of Lynn Russman’s classroom at the middle school, Assistant Superintendent Nick Perry noted student involvement in the iPad-driven science project.

“They’re all on task; they’re all engaged,” he said.

In the 2012-13 school year, Central Valley launched four pilot classes using iPads — one science class and one math class in the middle school, and one chemistry class and one Algebra II class in the high school.

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