Saturday, January 26, 2013

Individualization Through Passion?

After reading the following blog post I am wondering if using prescribed curricula for ALL our kids is the way to go or should we choose curriculum based on our students' passions? If those pesky standardized tests are the only things making us feel the pressure to teach all our students the same things, whether they like them or are interested in them or not, is that reason enough to do it?

Here's the article and share your thoughts in the comments section of this post:

A well-educated public?

Sometimes a reader will ask a really good question, and I get to advance my own thoughts in the process of articulating an answer. Chris C. commented on Can Learning Be Joyful...

"How do you reconcile your ideas about allowing kids to pursue their own passions (which I agree with), with that grander idea of a well educated public?" (for the full comment, see the post.)

and here is my response (slightly edited for clarity):

Hi, Chris, thanks for "throwing me a bone" to chew on. The fastest answer is that right now, by pushing education at kids regardless of their interests, we are NOT getting an educated public.

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